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I haven’t been active here for a bit, recently moved from Florida back to Maine – my home.  Moving to Florida was a big change for me, the climate and the people are different there.  It was not where I wanted to be, but where I had to be.  I had to accept it and make the best of it. Still, I cried almost daily, thinking I would never return to my home.  It got me thinking though, about people who immigrate – to strange lands, strange people and language.  How strong they must be to leave their homes behind, sometimes forever.  I remember a story I read about Irish immigrants sailing across the Atlantic.  Older people who had survived horrific conditions on board would catch their first glimpse of the American coastline, and they would die.  Perhaps from the immense fact that hit them; they had finally, truly left their home and would never see it again, ever.  I can’t imagine the pain.

Yet we all go through painful changes, and we do survive. They are those things which we bear to strengthen our own souls, to gain compassion with others and to learn about life and ourselves.  I am grateful for the gifts I have now.  Back home I can say that I love a rainy day, carrying the faint wisp of the ocean in it’s midst.  The smell and colors of fall leaves as they blaze out and tremble in the wind.  I look forward to snow, sparkling like a carpet of diamonds under the moonlight.  These things are amazing to me now – and reminders too.  Never forget, the changes and the lessons they bring.

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